Strategist, researcher, designer, tinkerer, provocateur, muse.

I believe genius is everywhere and in everyone. I believe in listening, leaning in, and showing up. I believe play is vital to our future, and that everyone brings something to the table.

These days most of my energy goes toward international development and social innovation.

I work with instigators, fresh thinkers, social innovators and positive deviants. I help people who do good work do it better. I facilitate, design, produce, clarify, deepen, and organize ideas and initiatives.

The best work is done in collaboration and I draw on a wide network of future-forward thinkers with expertise in design, strategy, organizational effectiveness, international development and evaluation.

I thrive when exploring how we can use play, participation, people-centered development, design thinking, innovation, power, creativity and storytelling for positive impact.

I have been instrumental in founding a number of social startups including Global Community Development, and be Waste Wise. You can also find me at Good Thinking, Picture Impact, and See Beautiful Everyday.



Collaboration starts with relationship.
Dialog is essential.
Let’s start talking.

Phone: 612.269.2891

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